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Our family

Alice, the architect

Owner of the company and Serena’s sister, studied and lived in Turin. She gives the most part of her time to the Agriturismo and to the online image of Il Bricco. She loves taking pictures and the most part of the photos you find about Bricco are taken by her. She manages also the website, the social network and the online marketing of the company. In our restaurant you will be received by her.

Serena, the sommelier

Owner of the company and Alice’s sister, she has a degree in foreign languages. She works from several years as tour guide in Piedmont. She is specialized about wine and she organizes in Agriturismo technical seminars and guided wine tastings. She lives at Il Bricco with all her family.

Olga, the retired teacher

Alice & Serena’s mum, she was born at Il Bricco. She speaks a little bit of French language but with her big smiles she could make her understood by everybody. You will meet her at breakfast time. The labels of our wines are all hand-written by her.

Gianluca, the cook

Serena’s husband, he loves the good food and the mountains. He learned all the secrets of typical kitchen of Langhe hills by his mother and with his passion recreates traditionale dishes in the kitchen of Agriturismo.

Piero, the farmer

Serena & Alice’s dad and Olga’s husband, he manages and organizes the works in the vineyards and in the cellar.

Francesca & Eleonora, the kids

Serena & Gianluca’s daughters, they are the joy of our family. With beautiful weather they play in the garden and if they meet other children our kids will involve them in their games.