About us

Alice, the farmer-architect: co holder of the farm and Serena’s sister, she has studied and lived in Turin. She takes care of the Agriturismo, the vineyards and the cellar. She’s interested in photography, most of the Agriturismo’s photos are shot by her. She controls the
bureaucratic side of the business and cares the public image of the farm

Serena, the farmer-cook: co holder of the farm and Alice’s sister, she graduated in foreign languages, she’s a tourist guide and sommelier. She takes care of the kitchen and she cooks Nonna Olga’s recepies, from whom she had learned how to cook

Gianluca, the farmer-tractor driver: Serena’s husband, he lives here and he does the mechanical works in the vineyards.

Piero, the farmer-grandpa: Serena and Alice’s father, he follows and coordinates the works in the vineyards and in the cellar.

Zack & Eleonora: the children of Serena and Gianluca, they are the future of our farm and they help in the business.

If you’re interested in the story of our family…

Our family