Our philosophy

We trust in green because:

  • in our vines we use a limited number of chemical treatments and we apply biological techniques as much as we can
  • we have solar panels so we are energically indipendent for almost 8 months a year
  • in the buildings we use only LED lamps
  • we collect rain water to use it to water our garden and for chemical treatments in the vines
  • for our restaurant we ask the booking at least one day in advance, so we cook only fresh food and we avoid to waste it
  • we separate waste

You can help us!

  • turn off lights you do not use in the room or in the common spaces
  • take out of plugs battery charger of smartphone/tablet/pc if you not need to charge them
  • use the heating system in the room without esceed
  • in the bath use only the water you need (a shower of 5 minutes needs about 60 litres of water)
  • use bath towels more than once and ask for change only when you need it (leaving them on the floor)
  • separate your waste using the containers in the room or the one you find in the yard (in front of the entrance)