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Rosso Corretto

The harvest is 2018. “Rosso Corretto” is born in the wake of an old recipe made by our grandfather Francesco. It’s a blend composed by 3 different wine (all vinified in a separate way) and we change a little the recipe according to the caratheristic of the harvest, trying to bring out the best by their mixture. Obviously the recipe is a family secret

Barbera d’Alba

We have ready 3 different years of our Barbera. We aged it for 3 months in Freanch oak barrels (capacity 550 liters) and the rest of the time in bottles. We decided this kind of ageing the wine, as we prefer an old Barbera to cushion the caratheristic acidity of Barbera grape

Langhe Nebbiolo

We don’t go out every year with our Langhe Nebbiolo, just some years, as for us Langhe Nebbiolo is a declassed Barbaresco. It means that producing our Barbaresco wine, we leave one barrel for Langhe Nebbiolo. So the ageing in the wood is the same for Barbaresco, but when we embottle it we require to the local institution the label registration for Langhe Nebbiolo and not for Barbaresco. So this is why we have a very small production for Langhe Nebbiolo wine


In our winery we have 2 different kind of Barbaresco wine, Barbaresco Ba and Barbaresco “Bricco di Treiso”. When we restarted the winery in 2008, we started to produce just one kind of Barbaresco, Barbaresco Ba, ageing it in French oak barrels (capacity 550 liters) for at least 12 months and in bottles for at least other 12 months. We produced this kind of wine until 2016

Barbaresco Bricco di Treiso

In 2013 we started to produce also Barbaresco “Bricco di Treiso”, as a limited edition of just 300 bottles. We aged this Barbaresco 18 months in French oak barrels (capacity 225 liters) and 18 months in bottles. We produced it in that way until 2016. In 2017 we changed the ageing, using French oak barrels with a capacity of 550 liters (that is the right ratio for oxygen-wine exchange, in our opinion) for at least 24 months and with a short time pre-bottling period in steel tanks. From 2017 we stopped to produce Barbaresco Ba and we produce just Barbaresco Bricco di Treiso 2017